Kings League: Football penalties, kick-off as in water polo… These are the rules of the Kings League.

k ings Organization, Football tournament designed by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos It’s currently beginning to materialize. Consisting of club head of states Publishers like Spursito, TheGrefg, Ibai Llanos or Los Purchaser It likewise has popular previous football gamers such as Iker Casillas or Kun Aguero.

Although the precise day of the best of this brand-new competitors with high scores has actually not been identified yet, we currently recognize! The regulations to be adhered to by the staff member started to be identified.

The regulations were propounded a public ballot on Twitter as well as Some, like the return of fines in the ’90s United States’s purest Big league design, They will certainly exist.

Presently we do not have all the regulations to regulate this competitors, yet we will certainly include in them. this provides all those that have actually currently been approved by the sovereignty of the Twitter individuals.

Kings Organization Guideline 1: Fines in the center

It was the initial criterion to be propounded elect, In case of a connection, the suits will certainly be determined in fine shootouts, similar to the innovation of Football in the 90s.

Gamers entrusted with tossing the optimum fine will certainly need to go with the round played from the center of the area as well as the goalkeeper will certainly have the ability to development. This resembles it’s mosting likely to be a respectable program …

Kings Organization Guideline 2: Yes it will certainly be offside

In the suits played by the various groups that compose the Kings Organization, offside will certainly be readily available as well as will certainly place the aide umpires in greater than one delay. Certainly, as in football 7, This offside will just be used from the front of the area. After some dispute comes intriguing tweets.

Kings Organization Guideline 3: Handballs

There’s absolutely nothing like a fast kick at recess as well as every person obtaining displaced. will certainly remain in the Kings Organization throw-ins like those of a life time. Toss rounds at the location as well as blow up.

Kings Organization Guideline 4: Limitless adjustments

To compensate the program as well as this not every one of them are subtracted in the center of the video game, Twitter individuals desired as well as liked to be handy since there is no restriction when making adjustments That indicates seeing Chicarito go into the area to share the course greater than as soon as. We enjoy you.

The fifth Guideline of the Kings Organization: There will certainly be a yellow as well as a red card

Pay very close attention to the intros as well as irregular words to the umpires as well as various other individuals in the video game. Due to the fact that although a timeout of 2-5 mins was placed on the table, the general public chose that they desired salseo. We enjoy print as well as cards. hair.

Guideline 6: Kings Organization: Kick-off … like water polo

This is the most recent production produced for the innovators of the following football competitors of Ibai Llanos as well as Gerard Piqué. The Kings Organization will certainly experience a ‘Telmo Trenado’ minute, when all gamers range from their very own locations to the facility of the area where the round is waiting to be played. Allow the appetite video games start.

Eyelash, This guideline is presently in a ballot state yet we do not wish to assume or else when it involves seeing gamers all running in the direction of the exact same location. and afterwards … BOOM, there was a flash.

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