“Yoga means focusing on the here and now, not letting the mind go blank”

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one of the world’s best-known yoga teachers for years, yoga is much more than a physical activity, because “it develops ways to maintain a balanced attitude in everyday life and provides the capacity to carry out one’s own actions.” In fact, yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice of an ancient tradition (which originated in India) involving the union of body and mind. The meaning of the word ‘yoga’ from Sanskrit is not in vain. Unit.

But at the same time essence of yoga It goes much further, for it has nothing to do with just the balance of the body, or the balance between mind and body, but also the balance in man’s relationship to the world.

Values ​​such as awareness, moderation, discipline and perseverance can be an effective tool in the collective quest to promote a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. For this reason, this year’s slogan of World Yoga Day, which has been celebrated every 21 June since 2014 when it was announced by the UN, is ‘yoga for humanity‘.

Yoga can also be a way meet again As suggested by yogi Verónica Blume (
), under the premise of “Start, remember and feel the path that leads to your Being”, this June 21
sunset yoga master class
inside formenteraespecially on the terrace of the Fishermen’s Association in La Savina (Puerto de Formentera).

For Blume, the contact with nature, the proximity of the sea, the effect of the sunset and the energy reflected by an island as private as Formentera imply a “yoga experience in itself” because, as he argues,presence In addition to asanas, yoga means unity and togetherness with the environment. “Nature helps us be in the here and now because it implies the presence of peace and the absence of urban stimuli,” he explains.

When it comes to starting the practice, Blume insists on understanding that “yoga means focusing on the here and now, not letting the mind go blank,” contrary to popular belief, and invites this activity to have a purpose. a practice yourself which, if carried out with a group, can be fueled by that collective energy, thus enriching our “inner journey”.

The body is the door to the mind

The yogi of the international projection, who will guide the movements and breath during the masterclass, assures that the real difficulty is in the person himself while doing yoga, because as he explained, we do not stop making excuses not to meet our essence. but we also allow ourselves to get caught up in frustration, ego, and the habit of measuring and comparing ourselves, so he recommends we work from the ground up. accept. «One of the gifts I usually take with me during retreats or yoga sessions I attend is gratitude to people who assure that they have discovered that it is possible to maintain a better relationship with them.

Regarding the physical challenges and the fact that some people say they don’t do yoga because they’re not flexible or don’t see themselves as capable of doing less complex asanas or postures, Blume explains that each body tells the story of our lives. what we eat, what we do, what we sleep, what we suffer, and that means it can be the gateway to a more energetic experience. It is true that the practice of yoga implies possession, as she herself affirms. force, Balance Y flexibility both physically and emotionally. However, she explains that she always presents different options for different bodies, realities, or moments during her lectures, so it’s actually up to the student to decide whether she wants to stay on the softer option or bet on listening to herself during practice. know yourself, accept yourself and come back from there.

Sunset yoga master class ‘The Road to You’ on June 21 International Day of Yoga A charity event is also held on the terrace of the Fishermen’s Guild in La Savina, supported by Consell Insular de Formentera and Puro Bienestar, whose funds will go to the conservation of Posidonia, through the Save Posidonia Project initiative, which sponsors an area of ​​76,500 hectares. This marine plant around the island of Formentera.

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