Yoga Gompa, the first Tibetan Yoga center in Madrid

Yin Yoga: what is it and what are its benefits?

Vinyasa Yoga or how to flow to the rhythm of your breath

Jivamukti or style of yoga that goes beyond the mat

Tibetan Yoga exercise as its owner, Vanessa Montalban yoga gompa and also the instructor of this design of yoga exercise, “ It is an old technique rooted in the typical medication of the area, the Bon custom and also Tantric Buddhism. It was exercised by monks that pulled away to the hills and also devoted themselves to spiritual ceremonies. meditation to maintain your body in leading form, your body immune system solid and also your recovery capabilities at complete stamina. It is an old technique that integrates the body, speech and also mind.“.

At Yoga exercise Gompa you will certainly discover: Lu Jong family tree As Vanessa describes, “An additional finding out system with the wide range used by the Tibetan Yoga exercise art.” As this professional describes, Lu implies body and also Jong implies education and learning or makeover. The body is taken into consideration as the car of advancement or makeover. Our presence is generally concentrated on nurturing the back, which is very closely connected to the wellness of the entire body,” he claims.

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Lu Jong, Tsa Lung, Tummo and also various other Tibetan yoga exercise designs

At Yoga exercise Gompa you will certainly discover various “family trees” of Tibetan yoga exercise that will certainly be extremely enhancing for you. “ These systems of interior advancement stand for an important old technique given by mouth from instructor to pupil. Diligently in Tibetan abbeys,” claims Vanessa.

As Montalbán informs us, Lu Jong was presented to the West by master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche and also his company Nangten Menlang Internaational, a Buddhist clinical facility. “ Tulku Lobsang observed that Westerners shed their link with nature and also with it the level of sensitivity of their very own bodies. and also they were revealed to the unfavorable impacts of the mind,” claims Montalbán. In this technique, as the owner of Yoga exercise Gompa places it, “ each motion presses the unique factors of the networks, opening up and also shutting them repetitively. launching clogs”.

Tsa Lung, an additional version of Tibetan yoga exercise that Vanessa was learnt, physical labor and also breath turning on wind or “air” in power networks “It makes up a body of spiritual and also secret mentors, similar to Lu Jong,” he describes.

Likewise at Yoga Exercise Gompa The Jamyang design is “a collection of asanas and also their connected reflections and also breathing from the Bön custom”. and also different yoga-Tibetan colleges,” claims Montalbán. “Master Tulku Tsering spread them in the West, and also upon his fatality, he bestowed his family tree and also infect his noticeable adherent, Jamyang Dhondup (Javier Akerman),” he claims.

One More Tibetan Yoga Exercise Tummo or internal fire and also understanding or Tög Chod or dancing with the sword of pure knowledge, without boundaries. “His method enables us to decrease concerns and also assumptions, do away with negativeness and also its residues, and also provide us security in the future,” claims Vanessa.

The owner of Yoga exercise Gompa likewise informed us 5 tibetan ceremonies, an effective lamaistic body-mind system. “These 5 easy workouts aid equilibrium hormonal agents. youth in the body“, Explain.

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A Lot More than a yoga exercise method

As Vanessa Montalbán claims, exercising Tibetan Yoga exercise is the initial step in looking for.inner peace Via body job we do well in training or changing our mind By turning on the power of the networks with asana methods and also specific breathing workouts, we boost our physical wellness and also produce room in our minds. Such as this we deteriorate unfavorable feelings such as greed, disgust, add-on, or lack of knowledge In these liquid activities, we integrate form, circulation, and also right breathing by guiding focus internal to accomplish a deep internal equilibrium.

According to this professional, Tibetan Yoga exercise is a system of research and also sensitization workouts. vital energy It adheres to the concepts of Conventional Tibetan Medication and also the Bon custom. “Manufactures the old recovery methods of Tibet, India, China, Greece, and also Iran and also the structures of Tantric Buddhism, which concentrates on a feeling of spiritual course, to accomplish an excellent state of tranquility and also the lack of discomfort“.

tibetan yoga

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Just how is it various from Hindu yoga exercise?

As Montalbán describes, “ yoga exercise is taken into consideration a system of knowledge, since it links body, breath, and also mind to discover our state or primitive nature; yoga exercise reveals us a course of assimilation and also self-awareness”.

According to this professional, the objective of all yoga exercises coincides, the freedom of the being, the accomplishment of knowledge. “ The distinction remains in the form, kind and also technique. Tibetan Yoga exercise consists of a comparable setting designed Hatha Yoga as well as likewise in the method they are exercised, specifically in the sychronisation of activities and also breathing,” he claims.

Tibetan Yoga exercise is a spiritual course based upon assisting others. and also concentrates its internal deal with indifferent assistance. The keystone is the Tonglen technique. It has to do with tackling the discomfort of others and also using unlimited empathy and also assistance. getting over the concern of suffering, for those in demand,” claims the owner of Yoga exercise Gompa.

As this professional proceeds, “all yoga styles whether they are extra typical or modern-day, they share an alternative vision”. “ In Tibetan Yoga exercise, the assimilation in between our body-mind-spirit and also nature is established extremely especially. and also its components with physical method with activities and also poses, breaths, reflections, and also visualizations.”

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