Adam Scott leads Australia’s attack on Victoria

Australian Adam Scott was the single leader of the Australian Open golf occasion, happening in Melbourne, with 201 strokes (-11 ), after a 3rd card with 67. PGA Tour Australasia at the end of the 3rd day after that Spaniard Alejandro Cañizares dropped in 10 innings as well as Alfredo García-Heredia made no cuts.

Ending up the training course with 67 hits with an eagle as well as 2 birdies, Scott took the lead on the last day, 11 under as well as one in advance of Polish Adrian Meronk, that offered cards with 63, 9 birdies as well as 2 bogeys. They were complied with by Minutes Woo Lee as well as Haydn Barron of Australia with 205 shots, as well as Conor Purcell of Ireland as well as Josh Geary of Australia with 206 shots.

Australian David Micheluzzi, that was the initial leader of the event as well as held the lead with Scott after the 2nd day, went down to the 7th area with 4 various other golf players after including 207 (-5) 73 shots today. Alejandro Cañizares’s finest efficiency was 68 shots, 5 birdies as well as 3 bogeys, providing him an overall of 211 (70-73-68), 1-1, putting him thirtieth in the standings. Alfredo García Heredia did not disrupt with a 73 card overall of 214 (+2) cards after his excellent efficiency (75-66-73) the other day was disturbed.

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