Continues at the Annual Golf Club

03|12|22 11:19

The Yearly Champion at Tres Arroyos Golf Club, which will certainly figure out the organization’s champ in various classifications, will certainly finish this weekend break. The initial 36 openings were played 7 days earlier as well as interpretations will certainly be made in between today as well as tomorrow.

The occasion, that includes complimentary access to the regional pitch, will certainly begin at 8.40 today, according to the Argentina group’s Globe Mug suit time.

On Scrape Ladies, Emilia Ruppell is presently leading with 170 strokes, complied with by Valeria Vassolo with 174 strokes as well as Sara García with 200 strokes. In Scrape, Caballero leads Federico Pérez with 146 shots, Gastón Tróccoli 2nd with 149 shots as well as Máximo Fisch 3rd with 156 shots.

In the obstacles champion presently the leader is Andrés Vergnano with 130 strokes, Sebastián Lance 2nd with 139 strokes as well as Sergio García 3rd with 141 strokes.

Various other classifications are presently best: Elderly, 1) A. Vergnano, 130 strokes; 2) S. Garcia, 141; 3) C. Di Vicenso, 143. 0 to 9, 1) F. Pérez, 144 strokes; 2) M. Fisch, 144; 3) A. Ruiz, 148. 10 to 16, 1) S. Lance, 139 strokes; 2) A. Beato, 149; 3) F. Mársico, 149. 17 to 24, 1) S. García, 141 strokes; 2) A. Iraola, 143; 3 F. Moreno, 143. 25 to 54, 1) A. Vergnano, 130 strokes; 2) C. Di Vicenso, 143; 3) I. Iriarte, 151.


Armando Pedro Damiani, Jorge Saenz Rozas as well as Ricardo Gustavo López at 8:40.

At 8.50 Claudio Di Vincenzo, Imanol Sebastián Iriarte, Carlos Quiñones as well as Gonzalo Braceras.

Ricardo Mayer, Ricardo Gabriel Ciancaglini as well as Juan Pedro Massigogyen at 9:00.

Rubén Martín, Guillermo Mario Rivada, Julio Alberto Marquinez as well as Carlos Cotabarren at 9.10.

At 9.20, Carlos Esteban Vera, Juan Domingo Barrionuevo, Maximiliano Di Marco as well as César Quintana.

Gustavo Hernández, Gonzalo Ferraro, Santiago Schumacher as well as Fermín Echarry at 9.30.

Francisco Moreno, Valerio Vassolo, Sebastián Riccio as well as Sergio Soulé at 9.40.

Germán Sillero, David Mársico, Jorge Bassini as well as Mauricio Mezquita at 9.50.

At 10:00, Fernando Di Marco, Carlos Cortes, Luis Grignoli as well as Horacio Raimondi.

At 10:10 am Adolfo Beato, Franco Mársico, Agustín Petronio as well as Mauricio Flores.

At 10:20 am Enrique Almirón, Fernando Desperés as well as Sergio Viera.

At 10:30 am Andrés Vergnano, Sebastián Lance, Sergio Garcían and also Augusto Iraola.

At 10:40 am Emilia Ruppell, María Valeria Vassolo, Sara García de Vassolo as well as María Ponce de Martín.

At 10:50 am Arie Groenenberg, Alejandro Ruiz, Gustavo Zubiri as well as Serafín Sillero.

Federico Pérez (H), Gastón Troccoli, Máximo Fisch as well as Fernando Carrín at 11:00.

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