Chess: Carlsen-So, star duel on day two of Norwegian Chess

Magnus Carlsen fulfills American Wesley So among one of the most unpleasant challengers in chess Norwegian Chess 2nd round, in person event in a classic rhythm kept in Stavanger (Norway). This video game resembles the remainder of the day It can be enjoyed real-time from 17:00 on the MARCA network on YouTube. With images from and also discourse by Pepe Cuenca and also David Martínez. Various other arranged suits are Vachier Lagrave-Mamedyarov, Wang-Giri, Topalov-Anand and also Radjabov-Tari.

Therefore, Indian Viswanathan Anand, that the other day beat Azerbaijani Teymur Radjabov and also French Maxime Vachier Lagrave specifically, increased to the management. with 3 factors. Carlsen beat China’s Hao Wang in a tiebreak after authorizing the tables with a classic rhythm in the suit.

this The video game rhythm of the examination played as a solitary round with the organization system is 120 mins for the initial 40 relocations and also an added 10 secs per video game from this minute on. If the video game finishes in a draw, after 20 mins Armageddon will certainly be had fun with 10 mins for white and also 7 mins for black in 1-second increments from action 40 – each gamer keeping the initial colours. offer success to black.

In a classic rhythm, success includes 3 factors, and also in Armageddon, 1.5 factors for the victor and also 1 factor for the loser. Point circulation can not be authorized prior to the 30th action. the reward swimming pool is around 250,000 euros (2.5 million NOK).

Preliminary outcomes: Carlsen (Norway) v Wang (China), draw; So (U.S.A.)- Radjabov (Azerbaijan), 1-0; Giri (Netherlands) v Topalov (Bulgaria), draw; Anand (India) vs Vachier Lagrave (France), 1-0; Mamedyarov (Norway) vs. Tari (Norway), draw.

Preliminary tiebreaks: Carlsen (Norway) v Wang (China), 1-0; Giri (Netherlands)- Topalov (Bulgaria), 1-0; Mamedyarov (Norway) vs. Tari (Norway), 1-0.

Position after the preliminary: 1, So (U.S.A.) and also Anand (India), 3; 3, Carlsen (Norway), Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan) and also Giri (Netherlands), 1.5; 6, Wang (China), Topalov (Bulgaria) and also Tari (Norway), 1; 9, Radjabov (Azerbaijan) and also Vachier Lagrave (France), 0.

Video game routine:

31 May-3 June: 1-4. round.

June 4: remainder.

5-7 June: 5-7 rounds.

June 8: remainder.

9-10 June: 8-9 rounds.

Carlsen Wang

1 round of Armageddon sudden death.

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 d5 4. g3 Be7 5. Bg2 0-0 6.0-0 dxc4 7. Na3 Bxa3 8. bxa3 Bd7 9. a4 Bc6 10. Ba3 Re8 11. Qc2 Nd7 12. Rac1 Bd5 13. Rfe1 a5 14. Red1 c6 15. Ne5 Bxg2 16. Kxg2 Nb6 17. e4 Nfd7 18. Nxc4 Nxc4 19. Qxc4 Nf6 20. f3 Qc7 21. Rb1 Rad8 22. Qb3 Rd7 23. Bc1 c5 24. Bf4 Qc6 25. Rbc1 b6 26. dxc5 Rxd1 27. Rxd1 Qxc5 28. Be3 Qc6 29. Qb5 Qc3 30. Rd3 Qc2+ 31. Rd2 Qc3 32. Kf2 Rb8 33. Qd3 Qc8 34. Bxb6 Qb7 35. Qd4 h6 36. Kc1 37. Kc1 38. Qc3 Qb1 39. Qc2 Qb7 40. Qc7 Qa8 41. Qxb8+ Qxb8 42. Rd8+, draw. (1-0).

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