President wrestles and opposition responds with yoga

Head of state’s Stroll Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He collected at CDMX last Sunday, and also extra as a result of the harsh play he organized to combine his toughness than the numerous thousands he took care of to congregate like the march arranged by his opponents on November 13. Advantage in the direction of the 2024 political elections.

The whole main framework, from the federal government to the states provided by the states Dark and also a number of instances of the CDMX federal government gave logistical and also functional assistance for the company of the march. considering that its installment Signboards at CDMX City From getting rid of the fencings around the Angel of Self-reliance, to the center that will certainly hold hundreds of individuals, and also the erection of a substantial holy place in the Zócalo. A procedure unimaginable without main assistance.

Likewise, radio and also television terminals run by the government and also CDMX federal governments (Networks 11, 14, 21, 22, SPR, IMER and also Radio Educación) to transmit on a nationwide chain. publicity of a partial activity something that is restricted by a number of regulations, however firstly, this opposes the truth that the media did not also carefully cover the march that the resistance called 15 days earlier.

Likewise on the problem of duke it outing these establishments, the Head of state is introducing a media and also legal project. INE and also TEPJF something that will certainly occur in mid-December, somehow, to alter the means they run or weaken their freedom as the courts of all our option competitions. Union Congress Controlled by Morena.

And also preparing for his following target Territory of the Federation starts to telegram that it protests his sources and also opportunities. He did not utilize the early morning to strike the High court and also the courts – without more information – for the launch of bad guys from jails on Saturday; examining preachers’ standards for withdrawing automated precautionary apprehension for tax obligation criminal activities, and also also slamming the Court’s incorporation of the other day’s restriction on holding births or any type of spiritual occasions on public roadways.

As a result, with fantastic ability and also political computation, AMLO decreases public establishments that play the duty of mediators in political disputes; he utilizes the general public media in a propagandist way and also strikes the exclusive media for any type of information that is not in his support. just, play harsh and also this offers him success in surveys and also in the preferred ballot.

Something comparable to what we have actually seen in various other nations: Argentina with the Fernández-Kirchner duo; with Bolsonaro in Brazil; With Donald Trump in the United States and also also Erdogan in Turkey The distinction is that in these nations establishments dominate and also avoid the unlawful focus of power, however what will certainly occur in Mexico is not yet clear.

While the Head of state has actually worked out approximately all his lawful and also de facto powers, the resistance is perplexed regarding exactly how to react. Head of state of the Congress of the Union from Spain, competing Santiago Creel Intending to be the frying pan’s governmental prospect in 2024, he introduced a require “Settlement and also National Discussion” along with various other event reps and also, most importantly, Chairman of the Us Senate Political Control Board, Ricardo Monreal. Network!

This was shocking due to the fact that Creel, that is currently a government legislator, asked for the discussion tables they began with Segob in January of this year, however these came to naught and also the frying pan ended up being a laughing supply for him and also his leader. Marco Cortes Actually, they were reduced.

What Possibly all the resistance can consider is to take a seat and also have coffee and also cookies with the federal government., however most importantly when they currently recognize that the federal government is not interested and also has no motivation to bargain? He is so manageable in this battle that he seems doing yoga exercise, while the ruling event is offering it his done in the ring of Mexican national politics.

If points take place such as this and also The resistance does not comprehend that it needs to suggest and also play tough The 2023 and also 2024 political elections will certainly enable Morena and also her allies to take the “complete cars and truck”. And also offered the means the Head of state has actually played, while there is no resistance, he definitely deserves it.

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