Quick Chess Championship – Week 15: Nakamura takes his fifth KO

GM Hikaru Nakamura won week 15 Speed ​​Chess Championship 2022 provided bycoin base The American dominated after getting a shedding setting versus GM. Dimitri Andreykin champion of the Swiss competition in the last suit.

terrific masters David Paravian Y José Martinez They were removed in the semi-finals. Alexander Grischuk, Jeffery Xiong, Xu Yi Y Ori Kobo They bid farewell to KO in the quarterfinals.

The occasion was participated in by 49 grandmasters (all GMs can currently play!), in addition to leading 10 females, leading 10 juniors as well as various other gamers welcomed by Chess.com. The occasion will certainly proceed following weekend break at 21:00 on 28-29 May. 18:00 CEST/ 11:00 CDMX.

just how to adhere to
You can adhere to the Fast Chess Champion 2022 provided by Coinbase at:Chess.com/TV You can additionally delight in the program on our networks. twitch Y YouTube.

Swiss competition

Andreikin won the Swiss competition unbeaten by 7 factors. He racked up a vital win versus Martinez in the 6th round. The Russian GM compromised a pawn for the occasion in the opening, as well as quickly his items would emphatically attack the challenger’s camp.

Paravyan as well as Nakamura shared 2nd location with 6.5 factors. In the suit in between them, Paravian maintained the stress as well as won the last.

Martínez ended up in 4th location. He won a pawn in the opening in his 5th round win versus Xiong as well as transformed it right into a win 70 actions later on.

A remarkable video game was the clash in between GM. daniel dubov as well as GMhard bharathakoti Dubov had terrific task as well as control in the facility, while Harsha had the monetary benefit. Harsha safeguarded precisely versus Dubov’s enormous play, after that discovered a tactical hit that smashed her challenger’s setting as well as raised her product benefit.

Saturday – Swiss Event|Last category (Top20)

( Complete last category here.)

Qualifying Event

In his quarter-final suit versus Andreikin, Xiong pressed black for the majority of the suit as well as the pawn-up diocesan got to completion. Andreikin made complex the scenario many thanks to the wheelchair of his king as well as the passing c-pawn. In the long run, after some blunders made by Xiong while difficulty, the Russian GM would certainly win the video game.

In an additional suit of the quarterfinals, Grischuk took the benefit over Martínez. As the suit was waning, the Russian gamer missed out on the chance to tip on his additional pawns as well as the suit finished in a draw.

In the tie-breaking strike video game, Grischuk missed out on a tactical treatment; Martínez did not allow him pass as well as took his possibilities in the following video game.

In the 3rd video game of the quarterfinals, Kobo vs. Both gamers favored to concentrate the battle on faster time controls as well as attracted extremely early in their initial suit, Paravyan claimed. The tie-breaking strike video game was a good offending success for Paravyan in 23 actions.

In the last video game of the quarterfinals, Nakamura wonderfully opened up the setting with 19. e4. Chinese GM Yi really did not react most precisely, as well as Nakamura was quickly able to counterplay as well as gain products.

GM analyst Robert Hess summed it up by doing this: “That’s what Hikaru does: he’s addressing essential problems in his setting with tactical sources.”

This is what Hikaru does: He addresses essential problems in his setting with tactical sources.
— GM Robert Hess

The semi-finals began with a difficult draw in between Andreikin as well as Martinez. The Russian revealed outstanding method, being successful in matching the timeless as well as intricate rook versus the rook. castle as well as elephant

In the tie-breaking strike video game, Andreikin proactively responded to Martinez’s uncertain rock sacrifice, supplying an unified setup of items that would certainly bring about a winning strike versus the king.

In the various other video game of the semi-finals, Paravyan had 7 mins much less than Nakamura, which triggered him to later on miss out on a protective action while difficulty.

Quick play in the last resulted in a draw finishing with Andreikin one pawn in advance. Nakamura stubbornly safeguarded as well as took the equalizer without significant troubles.

In the Lightning video game, Andreikin was pushing once again in the endgame, this time around with a profession benefit. Nevertheless, because of a recklessness, Nakamura’s h-pawn would certainly get to the various other end of the board. Pretty quickly, the American would certainly be checkmate with his brand-new queen. Analyst Hess had this to state concerning it: “Nakamura took success at the mouth of loss.”

Nakamura took success from the mouth of loss.
— GM Robert Hess

This was Nakamura’s 5th as well as 3rd successive KO victories. Hence, the American expands his management in the basic category as well as ranges himself from the remainder.

In spite of his wide total lead, Nakamura is uncertain of himself. In a meeting after the last suit, Nakamura claimed his opening choice in the last suit was because of his regard for his challenger: “I have a great deal of regard for him. I believe Dmitry is an actually solid gamer. That was my primary emphasis. … for the video game: not taking threats as well as making Dmitry extremely solid.” understanding he’s a star, not entering into anything he may have prepared.”

I value him significantly. I believe Dmitry is an actually solid gamer.
— GM Hikaru Nakamura

Nakamura additionally provided some guidance on schedule monitoring in timeless as well as timeless video games. rate chess

Category, outcomes as well as honors

The champion of the Swiss competition was Andreikin; The champion of the certifying competition was Nakamura. Next off, the total category with KO honors:

Sunday – Qualifying Event|last category

# fed gamer Scenario Reward
one Hikaru Nakamura winning $ 7,500
2 Dimitri Andreykin 2nd $ 3,500
3-4 David Paravian Semifinalist $ 2,500
3-4 Joseph Martinez Semifinalist $ 2,500
5-8 Alexander Grischuk quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Jeffery Xiong quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Xu Yi quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Ori Kobo quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks

Week 15

The Quick Chess Champion is a regular competition organized by Chess.com. Initially, a nine-round Swiss competition is played every Saturday with a 10 +0 video game rhythm. This is complied with by a certifying phase (Sunday) in which the leading 8 gamers from Switzerland join a 10 +2 video game rhythm. In situation of a connection, the gamers will certainly play an additional 10 +2 video game. If the connection proceeds, 3 +2 suits will certainly be played. If the connection proceeds, the gamers will certainly play a 1 +1 video game. In situation this suit finishes in a draw, it will certainly be specified by Armageddon.

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