Old man defends himself with golf club against aggression from three drivers in CDMX

there was an old guy anxious for in his cars and truck carrier evidently it comes from the firm “Justo” and also after burning out of the hostility he went behind it to open up the trunk of his cars and truck. golf club and also attempt to protect on your own.

Realities taped on video clip viral Shared by Twitter account @TlalpanVecinos and also numerous customers.

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In the recording concerned, it was seen that the shipment guy stood in front of the old guy’s door and also stated a couple of words to him, and also when the guy attempted to unlock, the shipment guy tossed the door of the car to stop him. from leaving

After the old guy procured out of the cars and truck, he got hold of the golf club in the trunk, came close to the shipment guy, punched him, and also inadvertently collapsed right into an additional cars and truck.

After the event, the 3rd chauffeur and also the shipment guy’s companion and also the shipment guy started to defeat the old guy while asking him to cool down.

Components of the Mexico City Secretariat for Person Protection (SSC) showed up on the scene to quit the clash, which, according to customers of the social media network concerned, happened in a road in the workplace of the mayor of Cuauhtémoc.

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After the attires showed up, the shipment guys entered into the van with the “Justo” logo design on it and also left.

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