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Do not miss out on the in person masterclass that the design and also nutritional expert will certainly offer on Saturday, October 23, at Mercedes-EQ Welife Event, one of the most expected healthy and balanced and also lasting occasion of the year.

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23 September 2022/ 10:30

If you have actually made a decision to get in the globe of yoga you need to currently understand that there is an infinite in this variants One approach for every single preference Jivamukti Yoga exercise is an effective and also intellectually boosting method that leads its experts to spiritual recognition. You can currently find out far more regarding this technique in the master course that Aida Artiles will certainly offer at one of the most expected sustainability occasion, Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival.

The term Jivamukti actually indicates “Living Redemption”. Motivational, isn’t it? It is a modern-day design of yoga exercise developed by. David Life and also Sharon Gannon Where Ashtanga yoga exercise researches fuse with spiritual mentors to use the approach of yoga exercise to life.

Like the others, this version has its very own concepts that differentiate it from the remainder:

  • shastra Research study of the bibles of the terrific masters of Mahayana Buddhism.
  • bhakti Recognizing amongst faiths and also resistance of all confidences, both spiritual and also spiritual, are urged.
  • ahimsa The method of nonviolence and also empathy included both human beings and also pets.
  • none Internal listening and also stating concepts.
  • dhyana The method of being still, observing and also considering one’s mind.

It ought to be kept in mind that Jivamukti facilities are locations devoted to spiritual marriage, where each course manages a various subject differently. religious tracks In these sessions, pupils acquire the capacity to work. fearless getting rid of the adverse obstacles that impact them and also changing them with intellectual stimulations with dedication and also love.

This yoga exercise technique has actually taken care of to dominate Aida Articles after selecting yoga exercise as the method of “living every minute of the here and now”, He entered call with the Jivamukti approach 10 years back and also is presently functioning as an instructor of it. It was 2011, when Aida was residing in New york city and also going to courses with her sibling, Ariadna, when she understood that the Jivamukti approach actually made her pleased and also made her understand herself much better.

For the design, the method of Jivamukti is one of the most full of the wide variety of opportunities that yoga exercise provides us: “The circulation of her asana is vibrant, liquid, and also at the very same time mindful.” It additionally permits him to “integrate vinyasa and also ashtanga series” that become part of reflection, discussion, and also vocal singing. mantras.

the significance of food

Although seeming like this is the main point to get in the globe of Yogis, food additionally plays a crucial duty. Yoga exercise is additionally a method that concentrates on complete link with nature and also all the components around us, so Aida Artiles is clear: simpleness and also healthy food.

So considering that 2017, aida vegan After complying with the course of yoga exercise and also practicing and also practicing meditation around, Artiles made a decision to quit animal foods in her diet regimen. Nonetheless, she believes we should initially “find out to look internal and also enjoy ourselves.” Healthy lifestyle Every facet.

Jivamukti Yoga Exercise Masterclass at Mercedes-EQ Welife Event

If you wish to know even more regarding Aida Artiles, Jivamukti yoga exercise approach and also means to lead a healthy and balanced life, Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival We offer you the chance.

October 23 will certainly be following Sunday. Aida shows a Jivamukti Yoga exercise Masterclass at the Eco-friendly Outdoor Patio in Madrid The session consists of position, shouting concepts with consistency, representation via analysis, and also reflection. It is additionally available to all degrees. Enjoyable and also discovering ensured from the hands of specialists.

Do not miss what the occasion of the year will certainly remain in regards to healthy and balanced life. Tickets will certainly get on sale soonhere Our lessons and also discussions this year will certainly amaze you!

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