Quorum Golf 2022 President’s Cup winner

The competition was hung on the flawless Valle Golf Club training course, which once more confirmed to be in great problem. 24 groups got involved.

The separations happened at the same time at 8:30 am, as well as a lunch was lastly offered amongst those existing in the club head offices’ dining-room.

Concerning sporting activities, it was the winning group. Quorum Golf overcomes with 141 strokes by its participants: Leandro Ormay, Marcos Cornaglia as well as Luis Meubry. His companions were reps of La Posta Golf with 142 strokes as well as 3rd Velocidad Golf with 143 strokes, winning the initial tie-break choice versus Aero Club Las Varillas.

Private honor victors were: Gents at Ideal Gross, Diego Grunhaut co-marked FGPC Guillermo Vazquez, 71 shots, one under connection as well as an automated tie-break. Ideal Internet in hand John DiCola Ideal document for females without a handicap while getting a 66-hit card from La Posta Golf Maria Arrighi With 108 pulses as well as the most effective Internet Marcela Frandino With 84, both from Aero Club Las Varillas.

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