Golf: Olivero and Ballistreri win the Club Championship in Palihue

María Olivero as well as Nicolás Ballistreri bathed in triumph as well as won the Palihue Golf Club Champion, funded by La Nueva. As well as this weekend break was played in Suit Play setting.

Olivero duplicated the praise he got in 2014 after beating Cristina Mayer 13-12 in the crucial suit.

Amongst the gents, Ballistreri showed himself in Damage after beating Marcelo Giampieri in the last suit.

Furthermore, today, the champs of the classifications connected to the suits played by the gamers that took care of to certify in the Palihue Mug held last weekend break were likewise established.

Guy’s were Francisco Simonetti (0 to 9), Francisco Morado Veres (10 to 16), José Antonio Irastorza (17 to 24) as well as Mariano González (25 to 54).

In females, Carla Blanco (from 0 to 20) as well as Gabriela Godoy (from 21 to 54) likewise raised the prize.

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