Famous dog Secret, who paints and does yoga with his owner, dies of cancer

Did you remember The secret is the puppy that went viral by on TikTok paint a picture and doing more activities with the owner Unfortunately, the owner of this dog, Mary, gave sad news when her four-legged friend came to those days. passed away after battling cancer.

With a TikTok compilation of many videos where they both share the time, Mary Secret, an Australian Shepherd He thanked those who donated to fight against it. disease.

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Secret, the dog famous for painting and doing yoga, has died

As with humans, dogs They also have a shorter lifespan than a human, and often it is difficult to say goodbye to them as they become an important link in the family; and it is not in vain that it is called “man’s best friend”.

Mary and the Secret (As in Tiktok), they were soul mates who shared many tastes. dance, paint, do yoga; But after a big fight against cancer, this puppy closed his eyes to cross the rainbow.

Mary made the news that her dog died as a warrior through the same TikTok with a compilation of her best moments.

“I want to thank you all again for being with me through everything. After Secret’s death, people came to me in the markets saying they knew me and the effect of Secret videos on them. To this day, people are still donating in go funds that will go to a foundation for canine cancer research,” he says in the description of the video.

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Undoubtedly, the news for the followers of this couple was very strong, as they both seemed very happy, but Mary always thanked those who were there who helped in everything, not just monetary.

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