yoga poses to open your chest and arch your back

Yoga is an ancient discipline that brings together different posture groups. Standing, torsion, flexion, balance, inversion, extension or what concerns us today, bridge.

What is lean back?

Spinal extension, backbends that open the chest and arch the back. As yoga guru Xuan Lan explains on his blog, it’s a comeback.

“In my case, after years of doing ashtanga yoga, I discovered that I couldn’t continue with such vigorous practice because it was affecting my back,” says the yoga teacher. Therefore, although bending backwards has multiple benefits, it must be performed safely to maintain a healthy spine.

Tips for leaning back

Here are some tips from Xuan Lan for creating a common backbend posture:

  • First of all, and as in any workout, the most important thing is to warm up. To do this, you can perform the cat-cow pose to warm up the spine. Sun salute is also a good exercise to warm up your engines before starting.

  • It is most logical and ideal to start with softer stances.
  • To protect the lower back, always try to direct the groin to the navel, i.e. you will need to activate the abdominal area and legs. It’s about “putting your ass in”.
  • Pay attention to the placement of your knees, they should always be in line with your feet.

  • “Move your whole body well, the extension postures should not be allowed to “fall” into the structure, it should not strain the lower back by maintaining a certain resistance, it should help us to activate the arms, legs and abdomen depending on the posture,” explains Xuan Lan.

5 backbend poses

1. Ardha Bhujangasana or sphinx

The name of the yoga postures is always found in the Sanskrit translation. In this case, this asana is known as the sphinx or semi-cobra and is ideal for improving digestion as well as relieving back pain and strengthening the spine. What will he have to do with one thing with the other? According to Xuan Lan, the abdominal organs directly related to digestion are stimulated. However, if you are suffering from a back injury, headache or pregnancy, it is better not to do this pose.

2. Bhujangasana or cobra

The cobra is an asana commonly used in yoga that simulates a rising cobra (as in the Pied Piper of Mouse). “Their applications can be very useful when it comes to lengthening our back and strengthening the muscles and arms,” ​​says Xuan Lan. It is also part of the sun salutation. On the other hand, it is not recommended to apply before wrist injury or pregnant women.

3. Matsyasana, fish pose

Matsyasana (or fish pose) is “a well-known asana between backbends or backbends.” It’s usually done as a counter posture after the candle pose (Sarvangasana), where we raise our legs above our heads, “because it helps open the chest and increase lung capacity,” Xuan Lan concludes.

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