Quick Chess Championship – Week 14: Nakamura wins his fourth KO

GM Hikaru Nakamura 14th week champion Speed ​​Chess Championship 2022 provided by coin base After beating GM Dimitri Andreykin in a close last.

GM Jeffery Xiong Switzerland won the competition, however was gotten rid of in the semi-finals together with the Indian GMArjun Erigaisi wonderful masters Alexey Sarana, Amin Tabatabaei, José Martinez Y Alexander Bortnik They bid farewell to the competition in the quarterfinals.

65 grandmasters participated in the occasion– for the very first time all GMs had the ability to play!– females leading 10 gamers, young people leading 10 gamers as well as various other gamers welcomed by Chess.com The occasion will certainly proceed following weekend break, May 21-22. 18:00 CEST/ 11:00 CDMX.

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You can adhere to the Quick Chess Champion 2022 provided by Coinbase at:Chess.com/TV You can likewise appreciate the program on our networks. twitch Y YouTube.


Jeffery Xiong won the Swiss competition well unbeaten by 7 explain of 9 rounds. In the 7th round, the American beat Anish Giri in 21 steps making use of the Zwischenzug tactical source.

The various other 7 gamers that received KO each racked up 6.5 factors. It was a fairly high racking up occasion, 6 factors was not nearly enough to certify as well as not all gamers with 6.5 factors had the ability to make it to the knockout phase.

Andreikin was likewise unbeaten 2nd. The Russian accomplished a vital success in the 7th round, where they beat Nakamura at the rook end, which finished in a complicated academic draw.

Erigaisi ended up third after a five-game winning touch over Sarana in between the 3rd as well as 7th rounds. Erigaisi organized Sarana’s kingside strike, making some effective maneuvers with his equines. Starting with action 14, observe the course that the b8 knight takes throughout the board.

Nakamura ended up 4th as well as had a good 8th round win versus GM. Maxim Matlakov Nakamura carried out a smart tactical series when his challenger led the knight to an unsafe square.

Martinez took 5th area as well as won the last round (when compelled) by creating a mistake from his challenger, which finished in a draw.

Tabatabaei ended up in 6th area, beating Giri in an academic draw (objective vs. diocesan) in the 8th round.

Swiss Competition – Saturday|Last Department (Top20)

Number rk fed Title Individual name Call Analysis Factors SB
one 10 GM jefferyx Jeffery Xiong 2727 7 29.5
2 4 GM FairChess_on_YouTube Dimitri Andreykin 2742 6.5 36.75
3 eleven GM GHEEVAM2003 Arjun Erigaisi 2708 6.5 3. 4
4 one GM hikaru Hikaru Nakamura 2833 6.5 32.75
5 36 GM Oleksandr_Bortnyk Oleksandr Bortnik 2586 6.5 30
6 5 GM incorrect Alexey Sarana 2715 6.5 29.75
6 12 GM Yospem Jose Eduardo Martinez Alcantara 2681 6.5 29.75
8 9 GM amintababaei Amin Tabatabaei 2698 6.5 29.5
9 fifteen GM decrease stoneDP David Paravian 2671 6.5 28.5
10 3 GM viditches vidit gujrathi 2717 6 24
eleven 62 GM Sankalp_Gupta2003 Sankalp Gupta 2393 5.5 29.25
12 18 GM billie kimba Motto Matlakov 2635 5.5 27.75
13 25 GM Oparin Grigoriy Grigory Oparin 2590 5.5 24
14 17 GM champion2005 Raunak Sadhwani 2637 5.5 22.25
fifteen 35 GM Salem-AR Salem AR Saleh 2586 5.5 21.75
16 4 5 GM shield12 Shamsiddin Vokhidov 2535 5.5 19.25
17 31 GM fandorin Motto Chigaev 2628 5.5 15.75
18 2 GM AnishEnter Anish Giri 2747 5 24.5
19 6 GM Parhamov Parham Maghsoodloo 2694 5 twenty one
twenty 63 GM Alexandr_Predke Alexander Predke 2569 5 19.25

( Complete Last Position here)

knockout phase

Xiong began the day as he did on Saturday. The American capitalized in his quarterfinal suit versus Tabatabaei, many thanks to a maneuver where he positioned his knight on the solid c6 square and afterwards progressed his main pawns. Although Tabatabaei compromised a steed as well as had a hard time, Xiong took care of to streamline the setting as well as attain a winning endgame many thanks to 39. Re6!

Nakamura vs. The Ukrainian Bortnyk acquired the edge after an unusual Alekhine Protection, however missed out on a tactical strike that would certainly have enabled him to appear the protection of Nakamura’s king. Can you locate the concept that Bortnyk missed?

Bortnyk remained to tax the opponent king in the center of the video game as well as a pawn in the endgame. Nevertheless, Nakamura would certainly hang on as well as attract.

The tie-breaking strike video game had one more unconventional opening choice: the Diocesan Opening, which caused an extremely challenging setting with opposing castlings. Bortnyk once more pushed for much of the center as well as last video game, however erred in the vital video game as he neared the complete win.

The lead-paced sudden death appeared to be mosting likely to various other tables in a four-vs-play suit. 3 pawns. Nevertheless, in a time problem, Nakamura would certainly battle to enter a well-earned setting.

The fast video game in between Andreikin as well as Martínez was really close as well as the rook ultimately finished in a draw. In damaging the Lightning connection, Martinez had the benefit, however missed out on a couple of possibilities as well as ultimately collapsed as well as shed the video game.

In the quarter-final suit in between Erigaisi as well as Sarana, the Indian GM won a hard kings as well as pawns last.

The fast video game in the semi-finals in between Xiong as well as Nakamura was a double-edged battle with both sides assaulting each various other. Xiong got over after slipping up as well as took care of to match the suit.

In the Lightning tie-break, Nakamura slowly raised his lead, acquired a pawn as well as got in a two-bishop-win end after Xiong was squeezed.

In the semi-final in between Andreikin as well as Erigaisi, the Russian GM won a great offensive have fun with a basic however unavoidable equine maneuver Nd4-f3-g5.

Andreikin vs. fast video game of the ending. Nakamura chose a draw finishing soon after the opening. Andreikin pushed with his additional pawn, however Nakamura protected naturally as well as accomplished the draw.

In the tie-breaking strike video game, both gamers, 2 diocesans, 2 rooks, looked for campaign mid-game up until Andreikin made a tactical error.

This is Nakamura’s 4th KO win as well as additional concretes his general standings lead. In a post-match meeting, Nakamura shared his understanding right into just how the RCC harmonizes their prep work for the Candidates: “Among one of the most vital points in an event like the Candidates is when you remain in a little reduced settings as well as he’s obtaining it to conserve them, do not catch the stress. He’s basically done this in the very first video game. I succeeded. So I believe it was a truly wonderful prep work for the Prospects’ Competition.”

… I really believe it’s a wonderful prep work for the Prospects’ Competition.

— GM Hikaru Nakamura

Category, outcomes as well as honors

Xiong was the champion of the Swiss competition as well as Nakamura was the champion of the KO competition. Below are the complete last standings as well as removal phase benefits:

Qualifying Stage – Market|Last Category

# fed gamer Scenario Reward
one Hikaru Nakamura winning $ 7,500
2 Dimitri Andreykin 2nd $ 3,500
3-4 Arjun Erigaisi Semifinalist $ 2,500
3-4 Jeffery Xiong Semifinalist $ 2,500
5-8 Joseph Martinez quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Alexey Sarana quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Oleksandr Bortnik quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks
5-8 Amin Tabatabaei quarterfinalist $ 1000 bucks

The Quick Chess Champion is a regular competition organized by Chess.com. Initially, a nine-round Swiss competition is played every Saturday with a 10 +0 video game rhythm. This is adhered to by a certifying phase (Sunday) in which the leading 8 gamers from Switzerland join a 10 +2 video game rhythm. In instance of a connection, the gamers will certainly play one more 10 +2 video game. If the connection proceeds, 3 +2 suits will certainly be played. If the connection proceeds, the gamers will certainly play a 1 +1 video game. In instance this suit finishes in a draw, it will certainly be specified by Armageddon.

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