“Niemann cheated on over 100 online chess games”

In a 72-page record launched Tuesday, stated GM’s hans niemann “He has actually most likely ripped off in over 100 on the internet chess video games, consisting of numerous prize money occasions.” likewise specifies that Niemann is “the fastest-advancing leading gamer in typically paced in person chess in modern background,” however has no proof that Niemann ripped off in face-to-face setting.

It’s called “The Hans Niemann Record” (available here), the magazine includes 20 web pages of message, an overall of 72 web pages with appendices as well as records. In the post, as well as the Fair game Group address concerns such as why Niemann was outlawed from the Worldwide Chess Champion, what can be stated concerning the degree of his disloyalty on the site as well as his video game. in person video games.

Initially, describes the choice tackled September 5, the day after Niemann beat GM. magnus carlsen At the Sinquefield Mug, Getting Rid Of Niemann from as well as eliminating him from the Worldwide Chess Champion. Plainly specifying that there was no interaction in between as well as Carlsen, the choice was taken as complies with:

We based this choice on numerous aspects. Initially, as outlined in the record, Hans confessed to disloyalty on video games used our website in 2020 after a dubious video game was discovered by our rip off discovery software program as well as administration group. Second of all, we had questions concerning Hans’ suit versus Magnus in the Sinquefield Mug, as well as this suit escalated after what had actually taken place at the occasion. Third, Hans’s – Phase VII of this record. Like others in the chess area, we were worried concerning its unexpected as well as irregular development – defined in Phase 3. Lastly, at a regrettable minute, we needed to make an important choice: In situation Hans participates in the occasion, can we ensure the honesty of the CGC beginning a couple of days after the Sinquefield Mug on 14 September 2022 for all participants? After substantial conversation, our teamed believe the solution was: Number CGC has 64 individuals as well as $1 million in rewards. Offered the situations, as well as based upon the info we contended the moment, we did not think that we might ensure with outright self-confidence to elite gamers as well as individuals that a gamer that has actually expanded so quickly has actually confessed to disloyalty in the past. as well as those from the chess area that had substantial questions concerning efficiency in face-to-face suits would possibly weaken the honesty of our occasion.

Followers as well as fans will certainly question why determined to disclose a lot info concerning Niemann as well as his interactions with them as well as not concerning various other gamers. describes that this is due to the fact that Niemann’s St. He claims it was a meeting he offered a couple of days after defeating Carlsen in St.

” It ought to be emphasized that we never ever mean to make our worries relating to justice offenses of Hans public talking. As we have actually finished with Hans in the past, our emphasis has actually constantly been the closure of independently called gamer accounts. Actually, his current elimination from as well as His elimination from the CGC was likewise reported independently. He selected to make these interactions public. Therefore, we really feel urged to openly share the factors behind our choices with the whole area.”

An essential factor for releasing this record is that currently tweeted On September 9: He stated there was info that negated his declarations relating to the “number as well as severity of disloyalty on”. Currently, the website enters into a lot more information as well as claims:

He shows up to have actually ripped off versus different challengers at the cash money occasions (along with Entitled Tuesday, where Hans confessed disloyalty at age 12), the Rate Chess Champion qualifiers, as well as the PRO Chess Organization. We likewise have proof that Hans ripped off versus leading as well as widely known gamers in the chess area in a variety of ranked video games on, a few of which he published online.

According to, Niemann has actually most likely ripped off in greater than 100 on the internet video games, consisting of different prize money occasions as well as video games that he streamed real-time. The information in the table listed below represents the duration from July 2015 to August 2020.

Online video games where Niemann more than likely ripped off.

Ken Regan, an independent professional in the area of chess rip off discovery, concurred with as well as likewise thinks that Niemann ripped off on these video games.

While recognizes that rip off discovery devices are developed especially for on the internet chess with faster time checks, it describes Niemann’s surface video game by specifying that “its outcomes are statistically superior.”

Initially, they explain that Niemann is “the fastest-paced high-level gamer in face-to-face chess in modern background”. Contrasted to various other celebrities of his generation much like the fantastic masters Alireza Firouzja, Vincent Keymer Y Arjun Erigaisi (likewise GM bobby fischer), Niemann is continually in advance of numerous in regards to boosted playing power, regardless of simply displaying a video game of the very same quality. Additionally, Niemann “has actually accomplished the greatest as well as fastest development in efficiency with time contrasted to his peers as well as various other significant gamers, provided all the in person video games he played in between the ages of 11 as well as 19.

Niemann reported
Improving the playing power (in person method) of the most effective young grandmasters. notes that of the 13 gamers under the age of 25 that are presently worldwide’s leading 50, Niemann is the only gamer to end up being a GM at age 17.

As an energetic gamer with a FIDE ranking, at the age of 15, 16 as well as 17 (pre-pandemic years), Hans had 2313, 2460 as well as 2465 scores, specifically. According to common belief, if you are not a GM by age 14, you are not likely to get to the highest degree of globe chess. While this declaration might be rather dissuading, it has actually been verified in contemporary chess. Chess tales such as Fischer, Kasparov, Carlsen as well as mostly all these days’s grandmasters that have actually positioned themselves in the leading 5 of the globe were solid grandmasters at the most up to date 15 years of ages. likewise assessed an example of Niemann’s current video games (mod personally), however located no concrete proof of disloyalty, including his video game versus Carlsen in the Sinquefield Mug. Regardless of this, stated, “This video game is extremely unusual with the habits as well as descriptions bordering it.”

Therefore, claims they shared their searchings for with FIDE as well as “will certainly accept any type of examination or demand.” A couple of days earlier, FIDE advertisement A strategy to produce a study panel on this subject.

GM David Smerdon, a behavior financial expert at the College of Queensland, commented From Twitter:

The record is great. It really did not need to be this wish for the HN situation [Hans Niemann] however on the various other hand, it’s fantastic to have CC [] has actually exposed even more information concerning the rip off discovery system, the human procedure behind the detection/removal plan, as well as its wider approach relating to disloyalty.

However, the outcomes of CC’s evaluation are not what the chess globe want to listen to (it’s not CC’s mistake), as this suggests we can not decide regarding whether HN rips off in face-to-face video games. An extremely brief recap:
1. By her 17th birthday celebration, HN ripped off a lot more on the internet as well as at cash prize occasions than we understand.
2. There is no proof of disloyalty at the Sinquefield Mug.
3. Weak proof validating that the boost in HN (in person method) is doubtful, however absolutely nothing concrete concerning replication.

However, the CC record places the likelihood of HN disloyalty in person at 50%, despite which side you begin with (me as well as others think it was around 10-20%, while the various other severe consisted of greater than 80%).

Looking in advance, what brand-new info might cause the not likely resolution of the situation? I see 2 opportunities:

1. Hans confesses any person physical, substantial proof of disloyalty in face-to-face setting arises
2. Hans proceeds his trajectory in the direction of 2750+ (mod personally) in occasions with very rigorous anti-cheat steps.

Considering That both 1 as well as 2 are not likely, it is likely that no remedy will certainly be gotten to. HN will certainly remain to play under some uncertainty, Magnus will not assume he’s right, as well as the coordinators will certainly deal with a problem over welcomes. It is not an excellent outcome for chess, however on the various other hand, it is extremely favorable that the topic of disloyalty has actually been brought right into the centerpiece; The major chess coordinators appear all set to interact as well as make points ideal ♂

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