FIDE World Championship 2023: everything we know so far

The following Globe Champ will certainly be identified FIDE Globe Champion 2023 Behind abdication from GM magnus carlsen Basic supervisor Ian Nepomniachtchi and also GM Ding Liren They will certainly deal with each various other in a suit to identify that will certainly change Carlsen and also maintain the throne.

Nepomniachtchi showed that he did his ideal by winning the competitors. Candidates Tournament 2022 with a document rating of 9.5/ 14 in the present layout. Denting stunned the globe by playing 26 timeless video games in one month, getting the ELO Candidates’ Competition and also defeating GM. Hikaru Nakamura in the last round to protect 2nd location in the last standings.

While we do not yet understand all the information of the forthcoming globe champion suit, one point we do understand without a doubt: we anticipate the begin of the suit in which a brand-new globe champ will certainly be crowned.

Right Here’s what we understand up until now concerning the 2023 Globe Champion:


After the ruling Globe Champ Carlsen chose to relinquish his title, the 2023 Globe Champion suit will certainly be played in between the victor and also runner-up of the 2023 Prospects’ Competition, Ian Nepomniachtchi and also Ding Liren.

Nepomniachtchi, 32, is presently the highest-rated gamer in his nation and also will certainly bet the 2nd successive globe title. After winning the 2020-2021 Prospects’ Competition with one round staying, the Russian gamer shed the globe champion suit 7.5-3.5 to Carlsen. Getting the 2022 Prospects as the previous rival, Nepo once more won the competition with one round left. And also this moment, with a document rating in the present layout of the occasion: 9.5/ 14.

Nepomniachtchi at the closing event of the 2022 Prospects’ Tournament.Photo: Maria Emelianova/Chess. com.

Ding, 29, is the highest-rated Chinese gamer in his nation’s background and also presently places 2nd just to Carlsen on the planet. Ding needed to play 26 video games in simply 4 weeks to receive the competition, getting the 2022 Prospects by ranking. After a rather unsteady begin, Ding grabbed his rate and also went up the positions. many thanks to a remarkable success versus Hikaru Nakamura In the last round, the Chinese gamer took 2nd location. As the 2022 Prospects runner-up, Ding made the right to bet the globe title versus Nepomniachtchi.

GM Ding Liren is in the final round of nominations.
Ding in the last round suit versus Nakamura at the 2022 Prospects’ Competition. Picture: Maria Emelianova/Chess. com.

Why isn’t Carlsen having fun?

The forthcoming suit in between Nepomniachtchi and also Ding at the 2023 Globe Champion stunned the whole chess globe. Besides, why isn’t the ruling Globe Champ Magnus Carlsen playing?

GM Magnus Carlsen at the closing ceremony of the 2021 World Chess Championship.
Ruling Globe Champ Magnus Carlsen will certainly not go to the 2023 FIDE Globe Championship.Photo: Maria Emelianova/Chess. com.

Everything began with Carlsen. aforementioned Soon after winning the 2021 Globe Champion suit, he would certainly have played one more globe champion suit versus Nepomniachtchi just if his challenger was the young wizard GM.Alireza Firouzja While lots of thought Carlsen’s declarations were absolutely nothing greater than vacant guarantees from a fatigued champ, a couple of months later on, currently well relaxed, Carlsen claimed: repeated absence of inspiration to play one more globe champion suit.

Carlsen took a trip to Madrid throughout the 2022 Prospects’ Competition and also report has it Country consulted with FIDE Head of state Arkady Dvorkovich to go over a brand-new layout for the forthcoming globe champion suit. The following day, the taking care of supervisor of FIDE, Emil Sutovski He claimed that while there is no target date for Carlsen to make the decision, they anticipate a reaction prior to July 20. International Chess Day.

Although Sutovsky later on claimed that FIDE had actually never ever asked for a choice from Carlsen prior to International Chess Day, Carlsen took this possibility to make his action public. Unlike lots of people I guessed Carlsen actually chose this will not participate As identified by FIDE laws, the Norwegian’s choice stands for the waiver of his title, which will certainly pass to the victor of the suit in between the victor of the 2022 Prospects’ Competition and also the runner-up.


FIDE Head of state Arkady Dvorkovich claimed throughout the 2021 Globe Champion that the following globe championship will certainly be played in very early 2023. FIDE has yet to launch the main routine for the occasion.


Currently, FIDE has actually not released all the laws for the 2023 globe champion, however they have actually validated that the suit will certainly resemble that played by Carlsen and also Nepomniachtchi prior to: 14 suits in classic rhythm, the initial gamer to get to 7.5 will certainly be the factor victor. If the suit is linked after 14 timeless suits, a fast and also fast playoff will certainly be played to establish the victor.


There were lots of unforgettable minutes in the last globe championship in between Carlsen and also Nepomniachtchi. Carlsen settled his supremacy of the board with a remarkable efficiency (7.5-3.5), while one more amazing accomplishment was off the area.

Together with the ‘couch children’ instantaneous message danny rensch Basic supervisor robert hesse and also GM Caruana, the program of the 2021 globe champion damaged target market documents.’s insurance coverage was seen greater than 25 million times throughout the competition, the greatest ever before for a chess occasion.

Hess, Caruana and Rensch were featured in the 2021 World Chess Championship broadcast.
Caruana, Hess and also Rensch throughout the 2021 Globe Champion program.

In 2023,’s Globe Champion insurance coverage will certainly be also larger and also far better. We will certainly upload even more information concerning this in the future.


of main conferences World Chess Championship they have a lengthy practice. The initial of these was made in 1886. Wilhelm Steinitz loser johannes zuckertort and also ended up being the initial main globe champ. Lasker later on Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhin and also GM maximum euwe They maintained the title by defeating the present globe champs. Ultimately, Alekhine would certainly recover the title by beating Euwe, however would certainly later on pass away while on the throne.

GM after Alekhine’s fatality Mikhail Botvinnik ended up being the following globe champ. Botvinnik shed two times, the initial versus GM, and also restored his title. Vasily Smyslov and after that before the GMMichael Tal Botvinnik shed the title once more (and also this moment permanently) in a suit versus GM. Tigran Petrosyan.

World champions Smyslov, Botvinnik, Euwe and Tal
In 1961, globe champs Smyslov, Botvinnik, Euwe and also Tal. Picture: Dutch National Archives, DC.

later on GM Boris Spassky He would certainly defeat Petrosian and also come to be globe champ. GM in 1972 bobby fischer He beat Spassky in the “suit of the century” and also quickly placed an end to Soviet hegemony.

Fischer declined to play a suit versus Karpov to protect his title after FIDE did not abide by their dreams. Karpov was later on proclaimed Globe Champ and also held the title for one decade, at some point shedding it to GM. Garry Kasparov.

After beating Karpov in the following 3 video games, Kasparov required particular problems for the following globe national championship, which FIDE would certainly reject. Therefore, Kasparov relocated far from FIDE and also established one more worldwide chess company, the “Specialist Chess Organization” (PCA). In between 1993 and also 2006 the globe champion would certainly be divided; both companies, FIDE and also PCA, would certainly hold identical suits for the globe title.

Kasparov and Karpov in 1985.
Kasparov and also Karpov, 1985. Photo: Owen Williams, DC.

Amongst the FIDE champs is Karpov, Alexander the Caliph, Viswanathan Anand, Ruslan Ponomariov, Rustam Kasymjanov YVeselin Topalov Nevertheless, these subjects have actually been the topic of debate for lots of factors.

Throughout the exact same duration, Kasparov protected his title versus GM. Nigel Short and also Anand, however shed to GMVladimir Kramnik Therefore, Kramnik is taken into consideration the 14th Globe Champ.

Kramnik protected his title versus GM Peter Leko and also later on won a “reunification suit” versus Topalov. Hereafter occurrence, FIDE once more took single control of the globe champion suits. Russian GM maintained the title till Anand took the title from him in 2007.

Anand would certainly win the following 3 globe national championship, however would certainly shed versus Carlsen. Ever since, the Norwegian has actually maintained the crown by defeating Anand in 2014, Karjakin in 2016, Caruana in 2018 and also Nepomniachtchi in 2021.

2021 at Carlsen.
Carlsen at the closing event of the 2021 Globe Champion. Picture: Maria Emelianova/Chess. com.

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