Classical Hatha Yoga


The standard is something old, something complying with a practice, something with critical messages, something around which a severe body of genuine literary works has actually expanded, something that has power.

Hatha Yoga exercise is really old, greater than a thousand years of ages. It likewise adheres to a practice that is moved from instructor to pupil consecutively in a procedure called Expert Parampara. “Hatha Yoga Exercise Pradipika” is the starting message created by Svatmarama with remarks from Jyotsna. And also those that exercise it obtain wellness and also durability.


Oblivious, inefficient, and also reckless individuals have actually produced and also circulated an incorrect Hatha Yoga exercise due to the fact that both educators and also trainees were not aware of its ideology and also objectives.

While mentor Timeless Hatha Yoga exercise in China over forty years back, a neighborhood trainer asserted he recognized a thousand asanas!


To understand classic Hatha Yoga exercise, one must most likely to reliable resources such as “Hatha Yoga Exercise Pradipika” with discourse by Jyotsna. After that you will certainly remain in line with Timeless Hatha Yoga Exercise.

The Yoga exercise Institute’s journal “Yoga exercise and also Overall Wellness” regularly releases testimonials based upon the initial Timeless Hatha Yoga exercise. There is a seal of credibility there.

Harold Sequeira, Yoga Exercise Educator at the Yoga Exercise Institute of India.

Translation: Juan Felipe Molina

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