Ribadesella opens cattle hive with views of Rasa de Berbes golf course

The Ribadesella City Council invested 47,900 euros in the development of a silvopastoral plan in the Fabar area around La Rasa de Berbes Golf Course. This is an action claimed a year ago by the council’s thirteen farmers, who often make use of these communal pastures. Specifically, they demanded the restoration of rangelands through controlled burning, but the rural areas department chose to receive financial support from European Funds to develop a plan that was recently completed and includes different actions. The aid received was 80% of the investment.

In total, 10 hectares of forest were mechanically cleared and various deciduous species, mostly birch trees, in three different duly fenced groves, as these subsidies require, said councilor Luís Fuentes. The project included breaking up, ploughing, raking and degradation of the soil with a ripper, as well as limestone reclamation and cultivation with new pastures. “According to experts, the nutrients from this planting are equivalent to the hundred hectares a normal forest can provide after burning, these are better quality pastures, much higher,” Fuentes added.

Finally, a cattle trough with a view of the Riosellano golf club training course was also built so that farmers can sanitize cattle on the same mountain much more conveniently and without having to barn the cattle. . In 2021 a Canadian pass was placed in the Santianes mountains and this year it was decided to build this cattle hive in Berbes.

The idea of ​​Ribadesella City Council is to develop projects with these characteristics as “one more boost to the primary sector” in the rest of the council’s partner mountains. In fact, during 2022, more than 80,000 Euros have been invested in the council’s mountains, as firefighting belts and firewalls are also being cleaned.

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