Yoga nidra workshop – plans between neighbors in Boadilla del Monte

On Friday, November 18, we will certainly have a brand-new yoga exercise nidra, aware rest session.
Yoga exercise nidra is a deep leisure strategy and also directed reflection done in the supine placement.
Via a procedure of leisure and also visualization on all degrees (physical, psychological and also psychological), a full restructuring of your body, recovering your all-natural stamina and also bring back the equilibrium we have actually shed because of exterior requirements is attained.

This strategy gets to such deep degrees of you that you can access the layers where the neural links that produce your internal patterns come from and also deal with them to transform what is triggering you discomfort.

Experience this unusual state in between rest and also wakefulness that will certainly lead you to a full recuperation of your health and wellness and also the all-natural peace of your being.

This will certainly supply you with a straight link to your significance past the psychological turmoil with which we recognize ourselves.

Day: 18 November
Time: in between 19:00 – 20:30.
Cost: 20 EUR

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