New Yoga T-BOW course held in Barcelona

New Yoga T-BOW course held in Barcelona

The YOGA EXERCISE T-BOW ® training course is degree one and also lasts 6 hrs.

( 11-14-2022). On Saturday, February 11, 2023, T-BOW Yoga exercise training course will certainly be held at Barcelona Resort Brummell Fitness Center at Beyond Neglect Your Limitations. The training is 6 hrs and also the allocation is restricted.

The growth approach of Yoga exercise with T-BOW ® is to give an option of T-BOW’s various sources to promote, enhance and also increase Yoga exercise’s stances and also chains of stances from an all natural point of view of enhancing one’s training particular pose.

The basis of the workouts comes from the referrals Sandra Bonacina made along with T-BOW, which has actually been looking into electric motor physical rehabilitation requires given that 1994 at the College of Zurich (Switzerland). With the old postural growth experiences of Yoga exercise picked by yogi F. Xavier García-Navarro in his Escola Ganesh, the training and also pose training sources suggested by instructor Seirul lo Vargas are related to attain an impressive optimization of the setting.

Certain focus is paid to making sure that individuals with really standard degrees of equilibrium, toughness and also movement create with self-confidence and also fulfillment in their postural optimization. The techniques experienced by imaginative acrobatics fitness instructors are related to give safety and security to the specialist, specifically in upside down stances.

Focus is paid to the significance of yoga exercise (asanas or stances, pranayamas or breathing workouts, leisure and also (awareness-meditation), focus is put on self-discipline, self-assessment and also representation to enhance one’s understanding and also understanding, therefore making it possible for the highest degree of instinct. and also creative thinking and also degrees of wellness and also individual fulfillment.

Yoga exercise sessions are likewise suggested, where all positions are performed with T-BOW, others are incorporated with and also without T-BOW, others lack T-BOW regardless, and also the very best of any kind of Yoga exercise design is picked.

Extent of application:

  1. a) Postural wellness for re-education of troubles of every day life, job task and also pose (hygienic-re-educational point of view)
  2. b) Postural training that enhances the individual permanently (academic point of view)
  3. c) Electric motor efficiency position without injury, meaningful electric motor efficiency position and also individual visual position (expressive-creative point of view).



— Principles of all natural postural optimization.

— Various functions of T-BOW for Yoga exercise.

— T-BOW Yoga Exercise Positions: Back and also Breathing Prep Work, Stamina and also Equilibrium Positions, Stamina and also Equilibrium Positions, Expansion, Flexion and also Rotations, Standing Positions, Inversions, Pairs and also Position Sequences-Chains.

— Degree 1 postural optimization sources for Yoga exercise T-BOW: Sychronisation, Equilibrium, Static-dynamic leisure and also Rhythm.

— T-BOW yoga exercise session.

— Tips for the layout of the Yoga exercise T-BOW session framework.

Pertaining to functions and also applications: Find out about postural optimization sources with T-BOW to promote, enhance and also increase Yoga exercise’s stances and also chains of stances for wellness and also electric motor optimization, its applicability to all locations of yoga exercise method.

Rerouted: Yoga exercise and also electric motor training educators, physio therapists, fitness-health experts, pose adjustment experts (eg Pilates), individual and also sporting activities fitness instructors.

International Education And Learning Supervisor T-BOW: Sandra Bonacina · T-BOW ® International Switzerland (creator of T-BOW ®, teacher of physical rehabilitation and also health and fitness at the College of Zurich).

training course educators: F. Xavier García-Navarro, Ivan Farré-Sánchez and also David Ribera-Nebot (Ganesh Institution and also T-BOW ® Fit International).

Period and also day:

6 hrs (1 day) 10.00– 17.00

Saturday, February 11, 2023

It consists of:

— YOGA EXERCISE T-BOW ® Overview (degree 1).

— DVD/MP4 T-BOW ® Physical Fitness Training 1 by Sandra Bonacina.

— Unique 30% price cut on T-BOW ® and also T-Band Establish acquisition.

— We take your T-BOW ® to the training course and also you save money on delivery expenses

Certification: Certification of International Involvement in the Yoga Exercise T-BOW ® Training course (degree 1); It is certified by Sandra Bonacina (International Supervisor of T-BOW ® Education And Learning) and also the training course’s educators.

Minimal to 20 areas.

Languages: english and also spanish

Enrollment and also Enrollment, HERE and also Call:

Location of event:

Barcelona Beyond Neglect Your Limitations

Magallanes, 2, 08004 Barcelona (Spain) Resort Brummell Fitness Center

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